I challenge everyone to really research this topic . we have to research the Bible in all. Why not the shape of the earth and how the universe works ?? I be convinced that if you really examine it , you will see what the Bible teaches corresponded with the facts. The Bible is the truth. There is a devil who is deceiving the whole world. Revelation 12:9 . There are many things we are told that are not correct and some articles are also about that below.

Who do you believe ?

The world is stablished.

Earth heaven fundaments pilars .

He bowed / stretchest out the heavens.

The firmament / The dome.

Waters above the heavens.



The stars fall to the earth.

Ends of the earth.

I think stars are different from what we're told.

Is the earth flat ?? !!!!!!!!

Corners of the earth 4 winds end of heaven.


God's greatness.


Beneath the earth (part 1).

Underworld/Sheol/Hell/Paradise (part 2).

Pictures 1.

Pictures 2.

Several questions.

Antarctica and the Bible.

One minute

Have we really been to the moon ?

It's about the dome.

The fish eye lens.

More movies/Pictures (multiple articles) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!