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Pictures 3.

Pictures 4.

But it looks like a ball?

Test light on flat surface.

How can the sun illuminate the bottom of the clouds ? (and how can the bottom of a building disappear from a great distance?)

Test water stars.

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Pictures 9.

What about the sun in Antarctica and the expeditions??

Are these the true satellites?

About the sun / Perspective / Ebb and flow.

Density/ Gravity.

37 Experiments proving the earth is flat.

1958 encyclopedia: they found the dome??

200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball !

Unchanged clouds.

Have we really been to mars ?

A number of vacuum tests.

Origin of the big bang.

Top 10 arguments against flat earth debunked.

Auguste Piccard.

Spinning stars north and south .


What can we do on Antarctica?

International space station.

Going to space ?


We wrapped the flat map around a ball.