Who is the Sabbath for????.

Does the Bible really teach: speaking in Tongues ?.

Witnesses of Jesus? Or witnesses of YAHOVAH? Part 1 .

Witnesses of Jesus? Or witnesses of JEHOVAH? Part 2.

Does revelation 17 have anything to do with the Roman Catholic system???.

Was Mary an eternal virgin?.

I personally find this to be a problem with the Quran.

To My Muslim Friends.

What do we know about the history of Islam?

Research Miracles and signs.

watch out for the teaching that miracles produce faith.

Something about John the Baptist.

Baptism with the Holy Ghost By faith or laying hands ????.

From whom will the the Holy Ghost Witness ?.

Idols (part 1).

Idols (part 2)They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them.???.

What about tithe? .

Apostles .

Beware of the wrong teaching (even though it may be well-intentioned.) .

false doctrine? (multiple articles) !!!.

Rightly point out / refute each other.

Something about catholicism.

About Maria apparitions.

What about Reincarnation ?? .

Someting About the new age movement .

Do not bow to the sun moon and stars .